A rapid approval of a coronavirus vaccine would do little to boost Trump’s political fortunes, the poll also indicates.

The economy is being the utmost problem and hurdle in presidential elections. It has now become so urgent because millions of employees are jobless because of coronavirus. The new survey and report show that these elections are completely different than past elections. Presently the problems of daily life and economy are most important for a voter.

There are several issues that are greater than in many people’s lives. But because of the pandemic, there is no bigger problem for anyone than this. The survey and analysis were performed before the death of Ruth Bader which has reopened attention over abortion legal rights and the Affordable Care Act.

Approximately a quarter of Trump voters mentioned abortion as a significant issue and very important for their vote as compared to 19 percent of Biden supporters. The seat of the Supreme Court has animated both sides of abortion talks and it could flip the election results any side.

Abortion rights would be the turning topic in elections although it is not even mentioned in top issues. Trump desperately wants to raise his attention to the Supreme Court seat of justice. These days the major concerns of voters are not about this but almost 35 percent of people stated that their votes are dependent on the coronavirus pandemic and not on education or economy problems.

A rapid approval of a coronavirus vaccine would do little to boost Trump's political fortunes, the poll also indicates

There are many who say that coronavirus is the topmost priority and they are looking forward to government policy in controlling this pandemic outspread. The survey and analysis also show that Trump would get no benefit in electoral ballots from acceptance of the coronavirus vaccine.

Although, he opposes many health experts and scientists saying that one vaccine would be ready until election day. 86 percent of people have said that Trump’s declaration about the vaccine of coronavirus and its effective results would not affect or assist in voting at his side.

President Trump’s insist on reopening of schools has been criticized a lot from voters. Though 63 percent of voters said that they agree with him as the schools are handling the situation very well.