Australia’s Coronavirus Lockdown Strategy Could be a Model for US

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the Premier of the Australian state of Victoria ordered a complete quarantine and lockdown. At that moment, some critics blamed him for being a dictator and building forced labor camps. Victoria City has just recorded 11 new patients with corona positive.

It is a great decline in cases from over 670 cases at the record. In the coming week, Melbourne will start uplifting the lockdown and health preventions. However, lockdown at night would stay in action till 26th October.

The strategy of Victoria might have evoked the anger of some individuals from Australian media and also condemnation from the Prime Minister of Australia but the experience and circumstances once again proved that Victoria’s strategy of smart and regional lockdown is very effective and significant in controlling the coronavirus pandemic. This technique is helpful in slowing down the spread of infection, reducing the burden on hospitals and the staff.

Australia’s Coronavirus Lockdown Strategy Could be a Model for US

This strategy was first of all presented by China where Wuhan city was under acute lockdown. Wuhan city has been the most quarantined city in the world for approximately 76 days continuously. Nowadays, Wuhan is back to usual life even it is now able to arrange huge crowded parties and events without any disturbance.

This strategy has been adopted by other states of china including Beijing. Many journalists have said that the prevention and methods adopted by china in preventing coronavirus could not be easily adopted by other countries having democracy system.

But the circumstances and conditions in Victoria have proved that the lockdown technique could be put in work anywhere not just china.

People are ready to survive the economy and financial crisis to sustain the pandemic. The cases in Australia went down just because of the smart lockdown technique from Victoria. The United States, on the other hand, stood on the top in having the maximum number of cases.

The records have been on the top with approximately 6.7 million corona cases and around 2 lac deaths. Many news reporters, journalists, and analysts have stated that the US should adopt the strategy of Australia in fighting against the pandemic.