China says it Won’t Approve TikTok sale, Calls it Extortion

TikTok sale-related the last date 20th September has been passed but the organizations included in this have to resolve the things of this deal. ByteDance and the expected buyer of TikTok Oracle along with Walmart introduced messages that differ from one another regarding the possession of application. It confused the future buyers and stockholders.

For the moment, Beijing is not happy and satisfied with this TikTok sale talks and it is pretty clear. China is not bound to accept the unjust and bad agreement deal which allows Walmart and Oracle to be the possessor of TikTok as a result of oppression and blackmail.

The newspaper article criticized that the success of the TikTok project with earnings of billion dollars has been making Washington disturbed and forced United States to use national security and privacy as an excuse to ban this short video entertainment application in the US.

Beijing has been amending many export rules and regulations to entangle the future TikTok deal. One of them is the limitation on selling certain technology-related goods to overseas markets and firms. China media ministry and ByteDance have stated that the TikTok sale accord would not include technology sharing.

Trump Government has declared that if the deal would not be suitable for acceptance than they would block the downloads of the TikTok application anymore. They also said that they are planning to ban a messaging application named WeChat possesses by Tencent. However, the decision is turned down by a law court in San Francisco.

There have been approximately 198 million downloads collectively over the App Store and Google Play of TikTok in the US. Moreover, there have been almost 22 million downloads and active users of WeChat in the United States.

According to research, WeChat is primarily used by the Chinese language residing community or those having linkages in China where WhatsApp or other messengers are not allowed.

China’s ministry of commerce has terribly stated the US to shut down its oppression and extortion towards video application TikTok and WeChat. China clearly warned the US that otherwise they have to survive and face the reaction by Beijing in defense of protecting the rights of Chinese organizations and their policies.