Coronavirus Updates: US Cases Pass 7 Million Mark

The cases of coronavirus in the United States have reached almost 7 million regardless of new symptoms appearing and the whole country is about 20 percent infected. The statistics belong to a research university and they are recent of the pandemic records and it went out just after the United States exceeded 200 thousand deaths.

The numbers of cases rise by one million per month after the infections numbers reached 6 million in the United States. However, the number of cases started decreasing at the end of the summer month. Minimum 21 states of America are having a decline in the number of cases of coronavirus as reported by the CDC.

The average number of cases in the United States is around 40 thousand new cases per day and they are very better than the days of peak outbreak spread. However, India and Brazil are on the second and third numbers respectively chasing the US. Unfortunately, the United States also left every state in the world in the number of coronavirus death tolls.

President Trump has called the death rate a shame but it could be worse than this. If there would be no steps taken then the death toll would have been around 2.2 million Americans and it would have been a great loss. Trump has minimized the damage caused by pandemic and infection. He also gave a few statements that opposed the statements by health experts or officials.

Coronavirus Updates: US Cases Pass 7 Million Mark

Trump has criticized his CDC administrator over his report of the importance of masks and also that he stated the coronavirus vaccine would be easily accessible to all public very soon. These were the statements that oppose health experts. There have been 8 months since the first case was reported in the US and the damage is unbelievable. And in this time, the US has become the highest numbers for both deaths and cases according to research.

The death numbers of the US might be double by January 2021 from the virus. The upcoming months are more challenging for the US and for many other countries. No one has any idea that when this pandemic condition will over and life becomes normal.