COVID-19 Clusters in NYC Growing at an Alarming Rate

The coronavirus is yet spreading in the outer-borough of the United States. The virus is spreading from Brooklyn to eastern Crown heights as the officials reported new cases of coronavirus. Some other areas of the city have been reported coronavirus red zones and the positive rate has been increased from 3 percent to 7 percent.

Brooklyn has been on the top list of coronavirus recent cases with 10 towns showing coronavirus infection rates rising by 7 percent in 24 hours time period. The health experts of the City have stated that coronavirus in a new town or neighborhood is still hanging around with 2 or 3 percent.

There have been many viral videos and reporting of public witnesses of maskless crowds and big gatherings regardless of the Mayor’s strict orders and Governor instructions to follow social distancing and face masks in-crowd. The health official has warned that if this unawareness would continue then the restrictions would be put on and even the schools would be shut down again and there would be complete lockdown for 7 days more or less.

The Mayor has stated that he had a good conversation with the religious community and he talked to them for spiritual benefit in this calamity.

An official has stated that Americans are not any near to herd immunity as he mentioned 8 top hit areas of Brooklyn with new cases per day. It made Ney York coronavirus top most city. Moreover, the Mayor criticized the government of local areas.

COVID-19 Clusters in NYC Growing at an Alarming Rate

He criticized that law enforcement is not acting good in this emergence especially the police department and the NYPD should point their police officers for special coronavirus fighting force.

The United States is a state of law and authority and they must impose them. Officials have to put the laws and impose them but they are not making it happen thoroughly. Yet they are unaware of law breaks.

Local residents are blaming that the government is making it worse and not better. Officials have also inquired about NYPD members who themselves rejected the instructions of wearing safety masks. This portrays a very bad message to the world.