Facebook Takes a big step in Linking Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp

The new feature allows Instagram users to send text messages to their friends without having a Facebook account and yet the messages would be delivered on Messenger. Facebook has been planning it to unite Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

This plan was mainly because Facebook wants to dominate over messaging apps and the market for several years to extent that the Co. is about to shut and is facing trust monopolies inspection. Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger each of them possess one billion active users per month.

The capability for Messenger and Instagram to coordinate with each other and text messages or calls with each other is still in the trial process and it would be presented worldwide in future months.

The company has not yet disclosed in detail at the press conference but stated that people on Instagram would participate in something new coming soon. It has been in trial versions since last year.

The organization has rejected giving a timeline of the same operation accessible for WhatsApp in the future. Facebook at first made fun of this plan to interweave its messaging service uniting with Instagram and WhatsApp.

The plan was that users who only use WhatsApp accounts could easily send a message to their friends who use Instagram or Messenger without the need to install it or make a profile.

Facebook Takes a big step in Linking Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp

Facebook possessed Instagram in 2012 and WhatsApp two years later and gather messenger in its own application. Instagram company’s office has stated that if in future this interweave has to be separated than there would be a huge withdrawal of investment to undo the spell.

An official has stated that many features and significant functions are still the same between Instagram and Messenger such as trading or advertisements. Supplementary to being able to talk with each other on both Messenger and Instagram, there is another update sooner.

Users who will have the new experience of participating in the tri-app circle would be able to send stickers, photos, or snaps and also view videos over Instagram or Facebook wherever they want. There rose a question about security and privacy as three significant apps of the world are going to be combined.

Instagram replied that users could block or spam anyone on any app regardless of them using other apps.