Judge Blocks Postal Service Changes that Slowed Mail Delivery

A judge of US allowed the permission to block disputed Postal Service changes for the time being. U.S postal service has been criticized for the slow sending of posts throughout the country. Some also declared it a political move before the 2020 presidential voting.

Judge Stanley has stated that he was presenting an initial law regarding the US Post Service under the authorization of 14 states which institute legal proceedings against the Trump government and the Postal Service.

The state attorney generals questioned the Postal Service about their scheme of leaving the mail behind. In that strategy, the trucks leave the post offices on the time no matter if there are more emails or posts to be packed and loaded.

Judge Blocks Postal Service Changes that Slowed Mail DeliveryThe attorney generals of states also wanted the USPS to pursue the election mails as top-priority mails. The judge stated that Trump had been constantly criticizing the election voting by mail as complete cheating and deceit. The number of people voting this year is expected to be the record this year because of the pandemic of coronavirus and the ease to vote by mailing.

The states have shared that there is doubt that the people won’t receive the ballots or e-forms in the time. This is the major decision by law authority against the US own Postal service and organization.

Many government officials also criticized the slow mail delivery as a move against the presidential election 2020 and also taking advantage of the situation of the pandemic.

The spokesperson of Postal Service US stated that the organization is ready to carry the burden of whatever the number of election mails it receives and there should be no doubt in it. General Postmaster declared that he was up to some up-gradation and changes.

It consists of the elimination of blue post boxes in several states. The changes also included the withdrawal of mail producing machine. The states accepted that the late and slow mailing process has become more common and easy since the first service break went nationwide.