NASA plans for return to Moon to cost $28 billion

NASA disclosed its recent plans to return back the astronauts to the Moon by 2024 and also calculated the expense of reaching that deadline in 2024 at almost 28 billion dollars out of which 16 billion dollars would require lander spacecraft to land from lunar orbit to the moon. NASA official has stated in a phone orientation with the journalist on the topic of the return of human beings to the Moon. It is termed as Artemis mission.

Moreover, he also said that political conflicts could be the biggest disturbance and threat in the working of NASA especially ahead of such critical elections. Obama in his authority ceased down the plans for Mars manned mission because his forerunner president spent billions of dollars for that project in space.

NASA administrator said that if Congress grants the first bill of around 3.2 billion dollars before Christmas then NASA would be on the line for the 2024 moon landing project. He also stated that this time we are heading towards the South Pole where the Moon is not bone dry.

NASA plans for return to Moon to cost $28 billion

There are almost 3 different projects in comparison to manufacturing a lunar lander which would carry two astronauts to the Moon from their orbit. Blue Origin, established by CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos is the first to build a lunar lander in partnership with many other significant organizations. The other two are presented by Elon Musk founded SpaceX and other companies in collaboration.

The first flight for the return to the moon is organized in November 2021 as Artemis I. It would be without crew and staff. The new and latest huge size rocket SLS is planned to launch for the first flight in 2021. However, it is in the trial phase.

The second phase of the mission would start in 2023 under name of Artemis II. It involves taking the astronauts in space around the Moon but without landing for just an overview and analysis.

The last and final step is Artemis III which would be similar to Apollo 11 in 1969 but this time it would be different in terms of the stay at the Moon would be for a week almost.