Thailand Protests Thousands Join Huge Rally Demanding Reforms

Many thousands of pedestrians came across the street to protest for betterment in the political system and also against the rule of sovereignty. The crusade was carried in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. It was one of the largest protest campaigns for several years. There were almost 15 thousand people as stated by Police. Many people were shouting that the dominant social and political systems should be shut and democracy should be promoted.

In protest, there were no violent acts by the people, and even they followed the health precautions because of the pandemic in the world. From July 2020, there were many campaigns called for the protest against Prime Minister’s withdrawal.

A survey showed that the protest mostly included students from Thammasat University and they gathered in front of the grand palace. Protestors say that they decided to wait overnight and continue the protest in front of the office of the Prime Minister.

Thailand Protests Thousands Join Huge Rally Demanding ReformsThe leader of the students in protest yelled that people in power should see the importance of people. Some also said that sovereignty should be improvised and not to be eliminated.

Thailand has a long record of political de-stability and disturbance but there came peace and rest when the law authority announced opposition to break down. The Future Forward Party mainly consists of first-time amateur voters and young people.

Magically it became 3rd biggest party in getting the highest number of parliamentary seats in the 2019 election.

However, those elections were won by the military supervision party. Protests were again dynamized after significant advocate of democracy Wachalearm went missing.

However, he was found after deported in 2014. When the democratic activist went missing and there was no sign of him then the protestors blamed the Thai state for pointing his kidnapping.

It was immediately refused by government officials and police. The protestors have asked for the government of Prime Minister who was a former military head and ceased power should be dissolved and eliminated. They also demand that the constitution should be edited and again formed with a new basis.

Moreover, they also said that the higher authorities should shut down harassment of protestors and journalists. The involvement of sovereignty in political conflicts is a new thing in Thailand.