U.S. Slams China’s ‘Aggressive, Destabilizing’ Military Actions During Taiwan Visit

The Pentagon criticized Chinese defense forces for bullying Taiwan with mutual defense actions. A senior US government official managed to visit a self-proclaimed isle by Beijing. As the officials of state embraced Keith Krach, People Liberation Army promised an allegiance to use force in reaction to the violation of almost 40 years.

Chinese Airforce crafts traversed the Taiwan coast to drive attention at that point. The United States has no political relation and link with Taiwan however it started improvising and building unofficial attachment with Taiwan.

A US official stated that the US has been building informal links and ties with Taiwan for almost four decades.

People’s Liberation Army has been continuously moving towards an antagonistic attitude and unsettling behavior shows bad existing affairs in the state. There are many examples of China’s rise in using its military hands for the compulsion of Taiwan and other surrounding neighbors.

An official also stated that the national security of Taiwan and the people of Taiwan’s freedom to decide their future without any external force compelling them.

U.S. Slams China's 'Aggressive, Destabilizing' Military Actions During Taiwan Visit

It has been an essential concern for the United States to change this but unfortunately, China has a different approach to this. Taiwan is a blessed and absolute territory of China’s republic.

US diplomat stated in a conference that the Taiwan issue is entirely an internal matter of China and it should not be discussed by any external or international party.

Newly the U.S and Presidential Progressive Party have stood at the front for cooperation and regular occasions. The Foreign Ministry of China had granted a permit before the tour of Krach to Taiwan.

There he also took part in the death anniversary of the ex-president. The United States has accused China of bringing violation and escalation to the coasts of Taiwan and it has been doing it for four decades.

This should be stopped now for peace and stability in both states. The Krach visit has been a great contravention for the current situation related to Taiwan and Chinese Foreign Ministry officials reported that China would act accordingly and essential actions would be taken for the betterment of the current situation.