WKBN CBS 27 News Youngstown Oh

Watch (Direct TV) WKBN CBS 27 News Youngstown Oh local breaking news update Channel Live stream Online. News Channel 27 WKBN provides a radar weather forecast which presents the Girls Team. WKBN Channel 27 CBS News live streaming online is a CBS-affiliated television station that works in Youngstown, Ohio, areas of the United States.

WKBN CBS 27 News Youngstown Live Online Stream

WKBN CBS 27 NewsWKBN-TV is originally virtual frequency 27 and digitally operated by UHF frequency 31. The channel has an association with the CBS network which is authorized the licensee to the area of Youngstown, Ohio in the United States. Channel ownership belongs to Nexstar Media Group which is working as a sister station to the WYFX 62 which has Fox affiliation. Vaughan Media LLC owned the WYFX and having a working partnership with Nexstar under the federal mandate of a shared services agreement.

The Transmitter tower and office premises are situated in Youngstown near Sunset Boulevard which is the operational base of WKBN. On January 11, 1953, the station’s first on-aired transmission occurred in the Ohio area as the first UHF channel and standing the sixth position in the entire broadcasting industry across the United States.

Williamson Family has the channel under its possession which also has the area radio stations which were WKBN-AM and FM under the supervision of WKBN Broadcasting Corporation. Radio channels were also associated with the CBS network and television activities and programming was attached with primary CBS. ABC and DuMont affiliations were also handling from the channel after WKST-TV got the ABC programming in transmission for the area of New Castle, Pennsylvania. WKBN association with CBS was granted in 1956 which makes the channel the most viewable network in many communities.

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