Worldwide Death toll from Coronavirus Tops 1 Million

A doctor from Michigan University has said that the death toll is not just a number, it’s humans, it’s people around us whom we love. The doctor is authorized to give government officials details about preventing a pandemic.

The number of deaths from coronavirus reached one million which is greater than the number of people residing in Jerusalem or Texas. It is 4 times more numbers of people died than in the earthquake and tsunami in 2004. Yet the death toll count is downplayed.

There are many deaths that cannot be counted because of a lack of testing and reporting of coronavirus and because of some hiding records in countries like Brazil or Russia. The toll rises per day. Approximately 2 thousand deaths are being recorded per day on average.

Many regions of Europe are being hit hard by the second attack of the virus and analysts and officials fear that the US would also have to suffer this second wave. This pandemic should make all of humanity turn back to good but the problem is that everyone thinks he cannot be dead.

This virus first originated from a few patients in the Chinese city of Wuhan last year. The first death was recorded on January 11. The authorities sealed down the city approximately within two weeks. The government of China has been criticized for not spreading awareness about the seriousness of this threat and virus spread in other countries.

Worldwide Death toll from Coronavirus Tops 1 Million

Many leaders of countries like New Zealand, South Korea, and others have performed very professionally in preventing and controlling the virus. Brazil has become the second most death toll country chasing the United States and India has come third being followed by Mexico on fourth.

The pandemic has damaged the economy and trades very effectively. It has made millions of people endangered, poor, and hungry. The only solution is the smart lockdown as the Australian government has done. It is better for economic recovery and the betterment of the nation.

The death toll rising 1 million because of minor coronavirus which is so uncontrolled that it has taken the whole world to the knees is a great threat to public health.