China Attacks US bullying Over ban on TikTok and WeChat

China has been criticizing the oppression by the United States and also proposed that it would counter react after the US put a ban on downloads of famous and high rated video application TikTok and also the blockage of Chinese operated application WeChat for messaging.

China desires that the US should discard the bullying, shut down its false accusations, and acts against china and also that it should not spread hatred and build peaceful and good international relations according to law and orders.

China Commerce Ministry stated this message in a press conference. The Chinese Commerce department stood up and said that the US should hold out its actions otherwise China would have to take precautionary actions to protect the admissible rights and norms of Chinese organizations.

The two applications which are possessed and operated by China were made ban in the United States by the Commerce Department of the US. It was a move to commend national security values and also to enlarge a dispute with Beijing over the digital platforms.

China Attacks US bullying Over ban on TikTok and WeChat


According to the orders, WeChat which is possessed by Tencent would be shut down completely in the United States. However, the users of TikTok in the US will be prohibited to install or update but the one who has already downloaded it could use the apps till November 12.

On the other side, United States officials state that the action of this ban of apps was necessary for state security and citizen’s privacy and peace. President Trump also opposed the Beijing departments while election crusade.

The users of TikTok in the United States responded cooperatively to the ban. Many of them decided to move on to other social platforms for showing up their talent or for entertainment purposes.

The people who already have these applications have some time to shift their data and media storage until the complete blockage of these applications in the territory of the US. The Trump Government has already attacked and ceased down TikTok possessed by Bytedance in concern of national privacy and security.

The limit till 12 November is basically set in to see that TikTok and US firm may patch up on protecting data of national and Washington security.