Trump to block US Downloads of Tiktok, WeChat

The U.S trading and trafficking department decided to give an order that will prohibit the public and users of the US to download Chinese possessed applications such as WeChat and also the very famous and popular application TikTok. The government officials announced that the ban on the download of TikTok for U.S citizens could still be reversed by President Trump before it went effected.

ByteDance who is the owner of TikTok has been collaborating with Oracle Corporation and other firms to form a new organization TikTok Global. The main goal of this organization is to promote and present the concern of US users about this application. He also needs the grant and approval of Trump to shut down the U.S ban.

Trump to block US Downloads of Tiktok, WeChatThe commerce ministry of the US will give orders of no-platforming of the two applications of China in the territory of the US. It also prohibits and locked the apps from the Apple Inc app store, Google Play. It blocked every way of approaching the apps for US users residing in states.

The announcement of this action was made anonymously because it was not yet confirmed and made public. This restraining order would not disturb the U.S. firms and organizations from collaborating in business through WeChat outside of United States.

It was very good news to some companies like Walmart and Starbucks which rely on WeChat’s substitute applications to facilitate customers in terms of transactions in China’s territory.

This obstruction order would also not restrict transactions with Tencent Holdings that possesses WeChat. The other operations will continue without any concern.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross stated in a conference that China has done bitter action of collecting US citizen’s personal information while presenting national norms and cultural-based qualities. Moreover, he said that we will take major action against such behavior.

The Trump government has stepped up to eliminate the suspicious applications of China from United States digital networks and they also stated that WeChat and TikTok are major threats to national peace and harmony. TikTok has approximately 100 million users in America and it is very popular in the youth of the U.S. So it is hard to compel the people who are already using it.