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Watch (Direct TV) KBCW 44 News San Francisco local breaking news update Channel Live stream Online. KBCW is a CW news and entertainment station which works on virtual frequency 44 and UHF digital 28. it works in the cities of San Francisco, California, and covers some parts of the San Francisco Bay Area. It is owned by the CBS Television Stations and works under the supervision of ViacomCBS, a duopoly.

It also manages sister station KPIX-TV and share head office located in Broadway and Battery Street, just north of San Francisco’s Financial District. The transmitter is located atop Sutro Tower. On the cable this KBCW 44 News telecast on the channel 12 frequency. It works with the slogan: Dare to Defy. On the internet, It uses the website of KPIX for broadcasting. KDAF 33 News Live Stream Dallas, Texas.

KBCW 44 NewsKBCW is first launched on January 2, 1968, by Kaiser Broadcasting and Henry Kaiser. At that time, It was the first independent station in the city. Henry Kaiser manages some other station located in the cities of Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Detroit, Philadelphia. KBCW was telecast in the studio, located at 650 California Street. Several key scenes from Robert Redford. In the year 1983, KBCW Channel was sold out to United Television.

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On January 24, 2006, Warner Bros purchase and sign an agreement with CW and started work under the management of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The Effective radiated power(ERP) of the television is 1,000 kW and the Facility ID is 69619.KBCW News mostly focus on local update. It also telecast Sport and children program lineup.