WDCW 50 News Live Stream Washington, D.C

Watch (DCW 50 Direct TV) WDCW 50 News Washington local breaking news update Channel Live stream Online. WDCW is a free to air news and entertainment station which works on virtual frequency 50 and UHF digital 15. It is also known as DCW 50. It is a CW-affiliated television that works in the capital city of Washington, District of Columbia.

The main studio where It telecast is located on Wisconsin Avenue in the Glover Park section of Washington. The transmitter facilities with Arlington, Virginia, and work under the license of Univision which also owns sister station WFDC-DT. It is owned by the Nexstar Media Group and works under the supervision of a duopoly with Hagerstown, Maryland.

WDCW 50 NewsThe works with the slogan of Serious Fun. on cable network WDCW Channel is available on frequency 23. It was first started in the year April 6, 1981, with ownership of Granik’s. on September 21, 1970, due to bankruptcy it was sold to Ted Ledbetter and started work under the supervision of the Federal Communications Commission. KBCW 44 News Live Stream San Francisco CL.

WDCW 50 News Weather Channel Live Online Stream

In the year 1981, Hill Broadcasting purchase this Channel for 13$ billion. It mainly focuses on sitcoms, dramas, cartoons, movies, and some religious programs. WDCW Channel joins the Federal Commission (FCC) and CW. In the year 2017, WDCW sold to Nexstar. The Effective radiated power(ERP) of the television is 1,000 kW and the Facility ID is 69619. WDCW News mostly focus on local update. It also telecast Sport and children program lineup.