‘It affects virtually nobody’ Trump Downplayed Virus threat to Young people

President of the United States Donald Trump stated at an Ohio election campaign that the coronavirus pandemic has no significant effect on young people and children. He also said that the virus affects no one practically. His statement was very much criticized as the death toll of America by coronavirus has reached almost 200,000 till the present day.

Moreover, his words were that the virus affects elder people effectively. The elder citizens with heart issues and other diseases have higher chances of getting coronavirus positive.

Trump told the political supporters at the conference in Toledo at the airport. He also said that nobody in the world below the age of 18 and younger people have died of coronavirus pandemic. Trump continuously talked this without any proofs and authentic records. The reason he gave was that the young have strong immunity in their bodies.

While saying this he indicated towards a young person standing in-crowd. Donald Trump also said that coronavirus does not affect young people so the government of all countries should open the schools.

Trump Downplayed Virus threat to Young people

According to a survey, 0-17 years age of people in America are 8.4 percent coronavirus infected in the US and approximately only 105 Americans age 1-18 years have died by this pandemic outbreak.

There have been no symptoms in many young individuals but they have died and now the rate of children getting infected is rising day by day. It is mainly just because they are going back to gatherings at school and sports activities. According to another CDC analysis report, the weekly admitted patients in the category of children have been increasing since last month.

President Trump’s recent statements oppose the terrible evaluation he discussed with the Washington Post in a series of interviews. Many officials criticized that it’s not just elder individuals as Trump says.

There is a huge amount of young people too. The President himself and the officials from the government stated that he was only trying to cope up with the situation and to relax the pandemic condition.

Trump also somewhere stated that he down-play the coronavirus outbreak just to calm the audience. The records are terrible as approximately 6.8 million of Americans have been infected with coronavirus and approximately 1,99,000 have died till today.