US States Sound Alarm on Covid-19 trends, Some Communities Loosen Restrictions

The colonies or towns in the United States have been releasing the lockdown and limitations put by the government in order to prevent Coronavirus. Many analysts and health officials have stated that it would be worse in winters and fall seasons.

The Governor of Florida has ordered to pull off the barriers and lockdown in bars and hotels but there have been recently many new cases in Florida. Moreover, the governor of Nevada has ordered to reduce the restrictions and exceed the limit of the public crowd to 250 individuals at a time.

Yet there is a restriction of 50 percent of capacity on every venue. A new record has been set in Wyoming for maximum numbers of coronavirus cases also lessened the rules and restrictions for hotels, food courts and other crowded places after the Governor reported that data from the health sector shows that restaurants and food places have not been spreading coronavirus that much.

Many counties are pulling off the lockdown and becoming the corona-free regions under the state’s reopening scheme. These statements came after the infections toll reaches 7 million approx. and the death toll rises 205 thousand according to data analysis from research universities.

US States Sound Alarm on Covid-19 trends, Some Communities Loosen Restrictions

The health officials have compelled the communities to carry on the precautionary measures because winter season is coming and seasonal flu is also setting common so he ordered people to wear masks, maintain distance and be ready for another hit of the virus.

Only eight states have seen downward trends. The Governor of Kentucky has also called the rise in coronavirus infections a hazardous call. An official has said in a conference that we cannot let the pandemic tragic our lives just because of the reason that we are tired.

Moreover, he stated that Americans are at beginning of new aggravations and it is clear from today’s death figures and the number of infections. A minimum of 26 states of the United States have been reporting new cases yet and it is according to data analysis of University. North Carolina and New Mexico have been reporting a 50 percent rise in new cases as compared to last week.