Google Announces Crackdown on in-app Billing, Aimed at Netflix, Spotify

Google has planned that the time has come then the app store paying rules and regulations should be strict and tight. For many years there has been researching how smartphone app fabricators or designers are managed by Apple or Google application stores.

There is a new notification that Android developer is promising to clampdown the in-app billing which feels like it is only for big service providers like Spotify or Netflix.

Google app store is hiding their statement but it stated lately that they are in need of developers who administer their apps on Google Play to utilize the billing system of google along with offers of digital shopping and without tax billing of apps purchase. This thing is not in action yet.

Many significant developers have rejected Google billing demands. Presently, Spotify, Amazon, or Netflix do not use the Google app billing method however they use web browsers accounts of PayPal or direct credit card payments by saving almost 30 percent of Google fees.

Google stated that they have explained their payment policy very clearly and openly that all app developers who sell their products have to go through the Google billing system. Google’s main objective was that everyone should need Google billing by next year. Payment schemes include subscription services free for example like music and video for entertainment purposes.

Google Announces Crackdown on in-app Billing, Aimed at Netflix and Spotify

There is also a new change to the policy that any app working without the billing system of google would cease down and eliminate. Google is planning to draw a clear divergence between iOS and Android by saying that Android app developers have a wide choice of stores and most Android phones can be linked with different app stores.

Google also pointed out that each store has access to decide its own format and customer policies. Google has been planning to make amendments to Android 12. They are planning to make it simpler and faster for people to use app stores other than Google’s itself and a safer Android this time. Google is not disclosing any further updates about this new Android 12 coming.