Biden and Trump Prepare for a Debate that Could turn Personal

In the conference room of the White House, some people who are consultants and counselors gathered at a meeting and interspersed the President with a lot of allegations and condemnations about several things. Put their opponent on the defense and make it as much a referendum on the other as possible.

In conversations with multiple sources familiar with both candidates’ prep, each is practicing ways to get under the other’s skin, while also avoiding blowing up and going off-script if the debate turns personal. The debates and speeches of both Trump and Biden have some basic traits which are common.

Although they both are very indifferent and their nature is different with different ideologies. The counselors and mentors of both nominees are looking forward to the biggest match up tonight about each other political fires to be thrown at each other even about dragging the families too.

CNN has been told that President Trump is trying to make false accusations about Biden junior that he is not educated and chartered. Moreover, they stated that the Vice President has a past record of corruption and fraud in Ukraine. They expect that Trump’s strategy shuts down Biden’s game in a way that he either explodes in the wrong way or says something odd in front of the crowd.

Biden and Trump Prepare for a Debate that Could turn Personal

President Trump’s counselors discussed the matter and advised him to stay relax if Biden put up a fight of words against his daughter and son-in-law who are both employees of the White House without any past experience. Joe Biden’s crew is preparing an attack against Trump’s son in a way that he had not dealt with before.

Mentors to both nominees are searching the past speech presentations for the competition of tonight’s match. Many analysts and reporters have said that when Biden is competing in the debate with Trump and side by side trying to be calm and soft-spoken than he became unreal.