Android Messages And Apple iMessage Beaten By Brilliant New WhatsApp Feature

WhatsApp is finally on a new up-gradation at this time with a lot of new features. It is heard that WhatsApp is trying to take a lead over iMessage of Apple and Android Messages of Google based applications. Also, it is planning to reach the rank of Facebook Messenger and be like it. Though almost all of the new features and updates are extra and out of the market like wallpapers, QR scans, and other tags of business.

However, there are two evaluative upgrades coming in the future. They are encrypted chat and media backups and also the link of application with multiple devices at one time. Android Messages and iMessage stated that they do not need any up-gradation for these features.

Now there are certain chances that the list of new functions of WhatsApp is increased by the plan of adding the disappearing texts to the application with having almost two billion users. The feature of disappearing messages will allow users to disappear their messages whenever they want after some days.

Android Messages And Apple iMessage Beaten By Brilliant New WhatsApp Feature

It is very useful for people who like to act a ghosts or change their statements from time to time. For many of the users, it is very attractive but for some, it is disturbing at the same time. Searching for text messages that are deleted and you missed them are pretty disturbing.

This feature however is good for media sharing and its removal after some time from the recipient’s end. No matter if its an image or video whenever the sender would regret or feel ashamed it would be useful to delete that stuff whenever you want.

The recent coding to pass through the unbreakable WABetaInfo shows that WhatsApp is working desperately on the new disappearing update of media. Physically, the future coming feature of WhatsApp is likely to be similar to Instagram and Snapchat but it’s going to be more effective.

The use of WhatsApp has ascended in the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown because many other worldwide messengers are banned and blocked as WeChat is banned in the US recently along with TikTok. Many users of this application are chanting that the chat histories would bee a lot safer after the new updates of WhatsApp.