George Floyd Death Case and the trial of ex policemen

The lawyers of Minneapolis feuded over the trials of 4 former policemen charged of George Floyd’s death. Some said they should be presented in court separately but their lawyers demanded a collective trial because they may plot against each other after being together in the 25 May incident.
During the session of court, the advocates of each of the four ex-policemen quarreled that their clients should be given separate trials and also call attention to the acts of each in that arrest of George Floyd.

In the last legal proceedings, each of the former policemen blamed each other and accused each other. The advocate of Chauvin stated that the incident only took place of amateur cops and if they call the ambulance in time, George might be alive today.

George Floyd was an African-American man who was killed by police brutality in an arrest of approximately a 20$ bill that was fake paid by him. A policeman named Derek Chauvin put his knee on the throat of George for almost 8 minutes and 40 seconds which is recorded by passing pedestrians in Minneapolis. One significant opposition in separate hearings is the extension of decision and the public witnesses would have to profess several times and it would not be practical.

Society should not be waited for the four separate convictions by the court. Also that the officer’s explanation was opposite to each other.

Lately, in the courtroom, the lawyer criticized extremely about the accusation by officers about the overdose of the drug in Floyd’s body.

At the outside of the courtroom, Floyd’s relatives shouted the slogans of lying and wrong accusation on Floyd’s moral character by saying he died from a drug overdose. You can watch all this on KJNB FOX CBS 39 News Jonesboro, AR.

Benjamin, the advocate of George’s family banged on the officer’s defense that the overdose that killed Floyd was of Chauvin’s force and brutality by the Police Department in racism and violence over the minority.

It was recorded from cameras that former cop knee was on Floyd’s neck for approximately 9 minutes and he was shouting that he cannot breathe. The protests were carried after Floyd’s death against the brutality of Police officers against black people because of racism and it went internationally and in 50 states of the US.