US Image Plummets Internationally as Most say Country has handled Coronavirus Badly

The representation of the US in the world is shaken as many critics blamed the country for not controlling the pandemic with better strategies. The day when Donald Trump was assigned as President of the US, the overall identity of the US is disturbed across many parts of the world. According to research and survey, the ratings of the US in terms of prominence has been declined greatly for the last one year.

Around the significant and dominant countries in the world, almost 40 percent of the UK voted in favor of the US, 31 percent of France voted the US in a positive way. It also because of the distress among them after the Iraq War.

Moreover, Germans voted only 26 percent in good words for the US. Some portion of the decline in US reputation is because of its way of handling the coronavirus pandemic.

Similarly, the analysis from the world only shows 15 percent votes that the US has dealt well with the pandemic and situation. Opposite to this, the rest of the world said that Europe and WHO have done better work in preventing and fighting against the spread of the deadly virus.

US Image Plummets Internationally as most say country has handled coronavirus badly

Also, many of the analysts stated that China has controlled the pandemic very well as compared to other nations in the world. The ranking and reputation for the US have been gradually decreasing day by day because of its own President Trump.

Most negative and bad thoughts about Trump are in Belgium where only nine percent of the population said that they believe in the US in dealing with international matters.

The view and frame of mind towards trump has been going negative every day and it is much worse than the former president Obama. America’s reaction to the coronavirus pandemic is not so good in view of WHO and other countries.

The pandemic and this outbreak have resulted in a downturn of the economy and business activity around the world but it had nothing to do with the worldwide balance of economy and finances.

The majority of the world sees China as the topmost leading country in the economy till 2020 but some countries like Japan and South Korea see the US as the top economy of the world.