CDC quickly Eliminates Guidance about ways of Spreading Covid-19

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States quickly returned back to its old guideline about how the coronavirus pandemic spread and transmit from one individual to another. They also eliminated the airborne transmitting theory which they presented a few days back. The changes in the theory of coronavirus spread and transmission are posted on the CDC official website.

They are also upgrading their information about the airborne spread of the virus which resulted in coronavirus. Once this theory would be completed then the thesis would be uploaded on site. CNN channel was the first to report this change in the theory of transmission of coronavirus. CDC directly replied to CNN about this and their returning back to previous guidelines about COVID-19.

Regardless of several studies and theories that coronavirus can be spread by tiny particles in the air, the CDC now stated that it can only be transmitted and spread from close and nearby contacts of two individuals. The distance to maintain is stated almost 6 ft.

CDC quickly Eliminates Guidance about ways of Spreading Covid-19

Moreover, they also announced that it could be caused by respiratory outlets during exhalation when infected one coughs, sneeze, or speaks loudly. It is the same theory they presented months before. These tiny droplets or particles can result in infection when inhaled by another healthy person by nose, mouth, lungs, or air passageways.

This is considered to be the primary way of transmission of this virus. There is an increase in theory that the infected particle can last longer in air and airborne particles could be breathed by other unaffected persons and also that these particles can move from one place to another by air as a medium and travels.

Conclusively indoor activities where ventilation is not good there is a greater risk of virus spread. In a new update, CDC has attached new prevent any measure to control the spread of the virus and it also includes the instructions to use air purifiers and vacuums to clean the air.

CDC also gave a clear indication to stay and maintain a distance of 6 ft from one another. CDC also ordered that any person who has been in contact with infected individuals should be tested for coronavirus.